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Exclusive Services & Pricing

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Sustainable Weight Loss

Initial 30-minute consult                                                                          $75

Includes 3o minute visit to review your medical history, outpatient labs and a 15-minute follow-up to review labs and weight loss plan. Weekly encouraging text messages and follow-ups are sent to help keep you motivated through any struggles during your health journey.

Lipo MICC Supplement Injection  package                                                $175

Receive up to four Lipotropic vitamin and supplement injections a month that may help with fat reduction. With physical activity and healthy eating this is a great tool to help reduce weight. Weekly injections along with nutritional consult and healthy lifestyle coaching is what you receive in a package

Semaglutide Injection                                                           $200

is an injectable weight-loss medication. Given once weekly in adjunct to a reduced calorie and physical activity it causes a weight reduction. We offer nutrition consult and healthy lifestyle coaching we have this rooted in our sustainable weight loss package.  

Basic Weight loss Package                                                          $100/$150

 Our basic starter package helps to boost energy, with Vitamin B12 paired with a nutritional consult and healthy lifestyle coaching to help with weight reduction we have two packages that consist of the Basic starter at $100/mo or the Attainable A package at $150/mo.

Skin Health Services

Glutathione Injection                                                                $50/$160

An antioxidant supplement injection most used for skin health and to increase immunity. It’s great for reducing sunspots and detoxification.  We do sell it in a package of four so you get a weekly injection for $160/mo or just try one for $50.

Neuromodulators        Monthly payment as low as $100 

Neuromodulators such as  Botox, Xeomin and Jeaveau. We keep Xeomin on hand but can special order the others if needed. We offer packages that  allows you to pre-pay for your neuromodulators for a whole year in advance. You can maintain injections every 3-4 months. You can get up to 25 units for $1200 or as little as $100 a month with financing up to 50 units for $2350 or as little as $195 a month with our yearly packages. (Available for financing)

Biorevitalization PRX- T33     Monthly payments as low as $100

A skin-tightening peel (without exfoliation) is used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks over time. This is sold in packages of four weekly treatments at $1200 for all four treatments if additional treatments are needed they are sold separately at $300 per additional session. (Financing available) 


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for Aesthetics and Lip Fillers

Hair Services

Hair consult                                                                                                   $30

At this visit, your medical history is reviewed and we do order outpatient labs if needed. This includes a follow-up telehealth visit to review labs and create a treatment plan.

Biotin injection                                                                                              $80

This includes four weekly injections of Biotin which is a vitamin B7, a commonly taken supplement for brittle hair and nails. It’s also recommended for people who smoke or those who naturally have lower biotin levels.

Revian led light therapy                                                                          $945

This is an FDA-cleared hair loss therapy product. It is clinically proven to stop hair loss by stimulating the body’s natural process to rejuvenate hair with Red light therapy

 (original price $1495 discounted when purchased through clinic) Financing is Available

Prescription shampoo or serum                                           $50-$100

anti-androgenic and anti-fungal effects can be used to help treat hair loss. Shampoos and serums containing these are prescribed not only for the treatment of scalp conditions but also in combination with other treatments for androgenetic alopecia. Price varies depending on what is prescribed for each individual's needs. 


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for hair restoration

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Nutrition Consult                                                                                   $60

Includes one 60-minute consults.  Our friendly nutritionist is here to help you plan your meals for the week, ask questions about nutrition and help you establish obtainable goals. Her services are included in some of our weight loss packages or you can book her services alone.  Additional follow-ups for $25 per 30-minute session.) 

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching  Consult                                                $75

Initial consult (45 minutes) with the patient to explore what’s holding them back from achieving a healthy lifestyle and create a plan to assist in such ways to increase physical activity, healthy eating and stress reduction techniques.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching                                                               $80

This includes four weekly visits Weekly encouraging text messages and follow-ups are sent to help keep you motivated through any struggles during your health journey.

*It’s $75 for the initial consult then depending on the plan you choose for the weight loss programs,  $150-$200 a month gets you weekly coaching, vitamin injections or weight loss injections and/ or nutrition consults depending on the package.*


Attainable A                                                                                           $150

Two office visits, Two nutrition consults, Two B12 injections

Attainable B                                                                                           $175

Two office visits, Two nutrition consults, Four Lipo MICC Injections

Sustainable A                                                                                        $150

One office visit, Two nutrition consults, Oral compound

Sustainable B                                                                                        $200

Four weekly infections of Semaglutide, One nutritional consult

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